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Productivity Tools for Medical Transcription

In our world of advancing technology and time constraints, where time saved is money earned, a lot of transcription service providers stress vehemently on newer methods of improving productivity and output standards. More and more transcriptionists are taking advantage of keystroke saving software tools to improve their performance and thereby their income.

The latest generation of typing saving tools allow MTs to direct their computers to expand a few judiciously typed characters into strings of common words, phrases, paragraphs or even entire short repetitive reports. The proper use of such methods has been shown to cut production time by almost one-half to one-third. Besides, not only improving speed, these tools have improved accuracy of the generated reports by minimizing the errors to the least. A few of such tools available are:

Word Expanders

There are a number of excellent productivity programs available on the market today. What is more, the scope and functionality of these offerings continues to evolve.

InstantText- Textware Solutions

MedPen - Emmaus MedPen

MPWord - Emmaus MedPen

QuickScript - QuickScript

ShortCut - Healthcare Technologies

Shorthand - Office Soft, LLC

ShortKeys - Insight Software Solutions

Smartype - Narratek

WP Medical - Productive Performance, Inc.

Medical spell checkers: Besides these text expanders, there is a whole gamut of softwares for medical spell checkers. A few of these are:

Dorland's Electronic Medical Dictionary - W.B. Saunders

Merriam-Webster's Medical Audio Dictionary - Merriam-Webster

Spellex - Spellex

Stedman's Electronic Medical Dictionary - Stedman's

Complete Medical / Pharmaceutical Spellchecker - Sylvan Software

Taber's Electronic Medical Dictionary - Taber's

Automated speech Recognition Software: A newer and most threatening software to the whole transcription industry as a whole is the speech recognition software, where the software makes the report automatically after hearing the dictated voice. Thought it is still in nascent stages but over a period of time, it will surely become the most sought after software for the medical fraternity. Some of them in use are

Boomerang - Dictaphone

Dragon Naturally Speaking - ScanSoft

Eloquently Speaking - 21st Century Eloquence

IBM Via Voice - IBM

MediTalk - Voice Automated

Speech Power – DVI




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