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Spinet Global Solutions aims to provide Transcription Services at rates never touched before to all physicians and multi-speciality clinics.

We are ready to provide our services at rates as low as *7 cents for a standard 65-character after deducting the template characters.

*This rate is valid only if the organization or physician has its own server/website/FTP/secured encrypted E-mail service for sending and receiving the dictation files and final document files. This has two benefits:
1. Significant cost reduction.
2. Maintaining supreme confidentiality and security.

However, if you would like to use our secured server for enhanced security and data transmission, our rates may go a little high to anywhere from 9 to 10 cents depending on the volume and web features desired.

How Pricing Works

We price using Microsoft Word Count found in Tools Menu.
We count the number of characters minus the template characters, divide by 65 (characters per line) and multiply by our rates per line.
Other companies charge on flat per line rates and even for those lines which have only couple of words or no words.
Certainly no other company would deduct the template characters as we do.
So give us a chance to prove our credibility and send us your sample dictation file right now.



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