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Our main strengths have been the fact that we are technologically nimble, procedurally sound and highly committed. We believe that in this age of technological innovations, customers expect to see immediate results and we always ensure to be in accordance with it.

We believe in growing everyday. We are a customer driven company expanding and exploring the power of technology to provide solutions that are cost-effective and customer (user)-friendly. We see growth as our inherent strength, encompassing the willingness to learn, experience and explore.

Benefits working with Spinet

  • Fully HIPPA compliant with complete data security.
  • 24-hour online services for transcription.
  • 98.5%++ accurate transcription within agreed TAT.
  • Experienced, educated, and competent staff.
  • Highly confidential and secured with HIPAA compliance.
  • Quick turnaround time.
  • Low, competitive and flexible rates.
  • 24-hour customer support.

Complete Customer Care of Spinet

Our customer care department that works round the clock provides the following facilities:

  • Online technical supports.
  • Supplies the customers with data that has been corrupted or deleted even after a huge gap of a year.
  • We remain in constant touch with our customers to learn their style and preferences to ensure that dictations are transcribed in the format desired
  • Our team is ever ready to help the customers with any difficulties round the clock
  • We try to learn and improve from the feedback and carry out all the changes totally free.


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